September News: Healthy Aging

September is Healthy Aging Month.

Getting older has enough frustrations. You don’t have to tolerate the effects of aging like worry and stress, poor memory and bone loss.

Elderly Women in a Tai Chi class

Tai Chi is a great way to exercise mind and body.

Are You Aging Well?

If you don’t have Alzheimer’s, then you can improve your memory. Avoid other aging problems by keeping good bone health and reducing stress in every day living.

Boost Your Memory While Aging.

Get Better Organized! If you put things in their proper places, they will be there when you look for them. Car keys, for example, should go back on the key holder, the drawer, your purse or wherever you decide the proper place for them. Always put them there and they will be there when you look for them. Ditto for other objects like your purse, your hat or your glasses. Life is a lot simpler when you’re aging and everything is in its place!

Work Harder to Pay Attention and Concentrate. It’s easy to forget what you’re looking for when opening the fridge. Distractions cause you to forget, not your memory.

Woman opens the refrigerator and wondering what she is looking for.

Am I just distracted? Am I aging?

Eat Well. You might want to take vitamin supplements. The B vitamins and D-3 are best. It’s been found that blueberries and red wine boost memory in a small way.

Exercise Your Body. If your doctor approves, vigorous aerobic exercise improves memory and controls the effects of aging. It also helps blood circulation and improves mood. These are important to healthy aging.

Seniors playing cards

Board games, cards and puzzles boost memory.

Exercise Your Brain. Play Sudoko or chess. Work crossword puzzles. Take music lessons. Memorize your grocery list. Don’t let the effect of aging bother your brain!

Get Plenty of Sleep. Your brain processes the day’s events while you sleep and stores them in your memory.

Avoid Bone Loss. Avoid Aging.

If you’re worried about bone loss, get a bone density scan that will tell your doctor if you have bone loss, called osteoporosis. You may need to get a prescription to help restore your bone density. Otherwise you can do weight-bearing exercise like yoga, Tai Chi and walking. Eat a balanced diet with five servings of fruits and vegetables and three servings of low-fat dairy products. Sometimes supplements are necessary to get enough nutrients necessary for good bone health. Calcium and Vitamin D are often recommended.

Worry & Stress

Active seniors walking outside.

Exercise with friends. It’s more fun that way!

Older people who feel stressed and worried know it affects their blood pressure, immune system and interferes with getting a good night’s sleep. But stress and worry can be managed. Exercise is one way to de-stress. Get out and move your body. Go walking with a friend. Join a Tai Chi class. The social aspect of exercising with others helps manage stress and thwarts the usual effects of aging.

You might want to try some relaxation techniques like deep breathing, visualization, yoga, music therapy. Join with others and take a yoga class, participate in a sing-along. Learn some relaxation techniques. Maybe a friend, family member or Activity Director can point you in the right direction.

Socializing with others will go a long way to help you overcome life’s normal stresses and strains.

However if you do have excessive depression symptoms, you should seek medical help. Ask AW Health Care about feelings of depression. We can help! (314) 330-7992


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