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April News: Keep Your Feet Healthy

My Feet Hurt! Even if you are a senior, foot pain is not normal. Check with your doctor because the health of your feet can be a clue to your overall health. For example, joint stiffness in your feet could mean arthritis. Tingling or numbness could be a sign of diabetes. Swelling might indicate kidney disease, heart disease, […]

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March News: The UPS & DOWNS of Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure and Stroke Risk Uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause your brain’s blood vessels to become damaged and weakened. As a result they narrow, rupture or leak resulting in stroke. Blood clots can also result from high blood pressure potentially blocking blood flow to the brain. When blood flow to an area of brain […]

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February News: Heart Healthy Living

Cardiovascular Health Though any aerobic exercise is good for your heart, these five physical activities are top-notch for heart health. Be sure to warm up before aerobic exercise by stretching and allow some “cool-down” time after. Brisk walking Running Swimming Cycling Interval or circuit training Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular disease includes numerous problems of the heart […]

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January News: Stay Healthy with Fall Prevention

Prevent Falls! Don’t Stumble and Tumble. Falling is a BIG problem. One out of three older people falls each year, but less than half tell their doctor. Falling one time doubles your chances of falling again. Falls Are Serious Each year, 2.5 million older people are treated in the ER for fall injuries, and 700,000 […]

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December News: Be Well…Infection Control and Medication Safety

Be Well! Infection control and medication safety are important for your good health so you can enjoy the holiday season. Germs Are Everywhere! Wash Your Hands! Did you know that 80% of communicable diseases are transferred by touch? By touch, we mean touching food or touching one’s own mouth, eyes and nose. Dirty hands spread […]

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November News: Depression… We Care About You.

Not a Normal Part of Aging. Everyone feels down or sad sometimes, but these feelings usually pass after a few days. When you have depression, you have trouble with daily activities for weeks at a time. Depression is a serious illness that needs treatment. If left untreated, depression can lead to suicide. Sometimes older adults […]

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October News: Dangerous Diabetes

Dangerous Diabetes People with diabetes have high blood sugar. This means the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or the insulin produced is ineffective to control the level of sugar in the blood. Signs & Symptoms These include: frequent urination, excessive thirst, excessive hunger, fatigue, frequent infections, slow wound healing. Sometimes no symptoms are present! […]

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September News: Pain Freedom Is Your Goal.

Pain Affects Your Life! Persistent pain saps energy and disrupts sleep. It can interfere with work and leisure activities and worsen other medical conditions. But you can be pain free. When Should I See A Pain Management Specialist? Pain is often under-reported because of fear of addiction. But if your pain isn’t being addressing successfully […]

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Don't let the flu get you!

August News: What’s In Your Flu Kit?

Our Favorite Flu Q & A Flu season is upon us. Flu bugs are starting to appear! It’s a good idea to start thinking about getting your flu shot. Here are some of our favorite patient questions, and the answers we give! Why should people get vaccinated against the flu? Influenza is a serious disease […]

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July News: Eating and Drinking for Health

Common Nutrition and Hydration Tips for Seniors Doctors give good advice regarding eating and drinking:  “Increase your hydration. Consume more protein.” But do seniors know how to make these changes in dietary habits? Increase Hydration Make It Happen! You become dehydrated if you take in less fluid than your body needs. Dehydration can cause confusion, fatigue, […]

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