Our Values


Empathy and Compassion are at the heart of everything we do at AW Health Care. Putting these virtues into practice means that our team will be caring, respectful, and encouraging to clients, families and colleagues. It also means that we will strive to be sensitive to individual needs, and will actively listen and seek ways to improve the AW Health Care experience.


Hiring the right people is one of the most important decisions we make. We hire and retain people who are passionate team players and have a deep-seated aspiration for top-notch client care. We communicate with clarity and honesty, lead by example and we will provide maximum opportunities for team members and clients to reach their full potential.


We exercise high levels of professionalism in our work and use the most appropriate skills set to meet the client’s needs with confidence and competence. We pride ourselves on continually seeking opportunities to evolve and grow, keeping pace with advancing medicine and technology to best meet clients’ needs. We share our knowledge of best practices with colleagues at all levels to enhance the quality of our services.


When our clients or team members need us, we are there. We value reliability, camaraderie and interdependence. We are accountable to our clients and to each other and are held to the high standard they (and we) demand and deserve.