Our Culture


Our track record speaks for itself. Since the inception of our Quality Assurance department in 2005, our client satisfaction rate has remained at an impressive 98%. AW Health Care offers one of the most clinically comprehensive administrative teams who manage our  staff with a hands-on, whatever it takes philosophy. Our leadership team includes a host of registered nurses, registered physical therapists and registered occupational therapists working closely with our on-site nurses, therapists and care aids.

We are consistently in the top 10% of all home health agencies locally and nationally as reported on the Medicare Home Health Compare website , with our outcomes often exceeding the national average.


Our comprehensive array of services provide you assistance with the first steps required to successfully take you from the hospital bed, to gaining back your independence. Our transportation service can take you to and from the hospital in a non-emergent situation, and once you return home, our in-home care team members can assist you with day-to-day living. Our skilled nurses and therapists will provide care in the comfort of your own home. Once you reach the functional level that allows you to leave the home regularly, our outpatient therapists can assist you in achieving full recovery. Our team is here to help you every step of the way.


As the needs of our clients change, so do we. That is why we invest in having linguistic coordinators and multi-lingual team members on staff. These team members are essential to clients that speak English as a second language. It is our mission to make all of our clients as comfortable as possible by providing them with care aids; nurses, therapists and social workers that can help explain our care process as simply as possible.

AW Health Care understands the importance of delivering culturally sensitive care while serving the unique needs of all of our clients. We know that you and your loved ones may be more comfortable with nurses and other professionals who are either bi-lingual or multi-lingual, and therefore capable of delivering care using the most familiar language in a culturally sensitive manner which leads to better outcomes. We at AW Health Care have tailored our comprehensive home health care and community-based services to cater to the St. Louis multi-cultural population.

Our trained health professionals include nurses, therapists, care aides, social workers and translators who understand cultural traditions and customs and can provide family-centered care for clients and their families.

Languages we speak other than English include:

Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Farsi, Korean, Vietnamese, Bosnian, and Spanish.


We strive to provide the follow up care that you expect and deserve. Even though our services may not continue once you are healthy, you are constantly on our minds. With your permission, we will continue our efforts to make contact with you occasionally to check in on your overall health. We believe in doing this for  our previous clients in order to prevent declines that lead to hospitalization from recurring.