Aging Well Journal Newsletter – December 2014 Holidays

The Holidays Are Here!

Holidays are a time of joyful celebration. But for too many, the holidays can be a stress overload! Get rid of the stress by calling AW Health Care. We can send a caregiver to help you with baking, shopping and decorating. If you like to send cards or gifts, AW Health Care can help you shop, wrap gifts, and address cards. Our caregivers will take you to the Post Office to mail gifts too, if needed. Call us at (314) 726-5600.


Seasons Eatings



Fruitcakes are very typical at holiday celebrations. The fruitcake is rich and heavily laden with dried fruits and nuts. It is associated with the Christmas holidays because it was often passed out to carolers in 18th century England.


Hanukaa Donut

Hanukkah foods are not for the faint of heart…they are all fried or filled with cheeses. Latkes, fried potato pancakes, are topped with applesauce or sour cream and jelly doughnuts are often served. 


Banh Chung is a steamed square cake made from glutinous rice, mung bean and pork. It is covered with green banana leaves. Banh Chung symbolizes the Earth. Banh Chung can last as long as a month at room temperature during days of severe weather in Vietnam.

Chinese New Year

Asian Cook

Fish is commonly served and symbolizes unity. It is steamed with ginger and light soy sauce. It is  important to leave leftovers for the next day because this signifies that the prosperity will overflow.


Diwali Woman

During this Indian festival, lots of sweets known as “mithai” are enjoyed. They are a fancy confectionary, sweet and colorful. Little morsels are nibbled throughout the day by children and adults alike.


African Boy

Kwanzaa is an African celebration of the first fruits of the harvest. “Benny Cakes” (sesame cookies), okra, sweet potato fritters, rice and black-eyed peas are all enjoyed.

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